How It Works

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Step 1

Request Access To Stumble Go!

In order for Stumble Go to help you with your specific needs whether its a simple location database or some additional data points like with product information, individual store information, social media automation or a specialized location tool with customized forms and features. Letting us know your needs is the first step to helping your create the solution.

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Step 2

We Review & Plan your solution

After we review your submission we see how we can tailor our system to your needs and then we work with you to map your data or your vendors data into our system. We then work on helping your team figure out what additional tools you need like a display map, a search form or something more customized. Once the complete picture of what you need is finalized then Stumble Go can complete the process.

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Step 3

Launch and Support

Whether this is an internal process or a public-facing web application Stumble Go will work with your team to launch the Stumble Go system wherever you need. We will also work post-launch on any documentation, questions or additional needs for the system Stumble Go is providing.

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